Tailored Service

Representing some of the biggest names in premium menswear, Cambridge Clothing looks to logistics operator Zend to provide a freight service that is as finely tailored as a bespoke suit.

When you see the effort that Cambridge Clothing puts into ensuring finely crafted suits...

and bespoke tailored garments from the premium brands it represents are made perfect for customers, it’s no wonder so much thought is also put into how those suits and garments are transported. 

“We ship over 500,000 individual items throughout New Zealand and Australia every year,” says Cambridge Clothing operations manager, Dave Vukets. 

“So, as a business we are very reliant on efficient shipping. But the challenge is ensuring those garments are protected and looked after during the shipping process as best as possible. The last thing we want is a valued customer receiving a new suit representing some of the finest tailoring available in anything less than a perfect state.” 

Cambridge Clothing, which boasts an impressive 150-year history doing business in New Zealand, prides itself on delivering to a loyal Australasian audience the latest in men’s fashion from labels such as Joe Black, Gibson and Dom Bagnato, along with its own Cambridge line of premium clothing. 

With ‘next day’ delivery available to North Island customers and 48-hour delivery for the South Island, Dave says that precision, speed and care all need to go hand-in-hand for the shipping process to succeed; no easy equation to adhere to. 

That’s why Cambridge Clothing trusts in Zend. 

“Zend provides us with true door-to-door assuredness. They provide a ‘hung’ service, so our suits don’t crease, or top-stow delivery for the many other items we distribute,” says Dave. 

“We’ve been in partnership with Zend for five years now and I really do consider it a partnership. They will organise for suits to be pressed, they will ensure Saturday deliveries when needed and they will actually speak to the end customer; they take responsibility for the delivery, which in our previous experience hasn’t always been a given.” 

Dave says that Zend offers real reach in the market, which is vital when deliveries are of a time-sensitive nature, such as for a wedding or other important occasion.  

“I’ll be honest, I actually think the bar was set pretty low in terms of garment shipping in New Zealand in the past,” says Bruce McEwen from Zend. 

“Think about how many times you’ve seen freight staff putting bagged garments into a nearby shopping trolley for transfer to a store. When you’re an individual who has taken the time to specify and order a $900-plus suit, you want to know that it has been looked after between the source and your door, regardless of where in the country you are.” 

Cambridge Clothing has recently moved into a new, 2500 square metre state-of-the-art distribution centre. Electrically powered mobile lifts assist pickers in moving between rack after rack of carefully wrapped garment, ensuring accuracy and speed in the process. The company can perform alterations right here at the distribution centre and every garment is pressed before it leaves site. 

“Cambridge Clothing has a proud history behind it,” concludes Dave. 

“We’re in the fortunate position of enjoying a very loyal audience and representing true world-class brands. But now more so than ever, the men’s fashion market is highly competitive. Our customers expect a certain level of service and that extends to the way in which their chosen items arrive with them. We know Zend understands this.” 

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