Ethical Tees and more in KowTows Autumn collection

From Tees of all shapes to clean dresses and a subtle mix of frills, pleats, block colours and stripes KowTow’s autumn range offers broad function and appeal.

Lead by Kiwi, Gosia Piatek there’s a healthy emphasis on ethical sourcing, slow fashion and circularity to help ensure KowTow garments last forever.

KowTow have thoroughly embraced the Tee in their new Autumn collection from classic tee, V-neck, to oversized boxy tee and T-shirt dress form factors.

These are available with a mix of block colours and stripes and KowTow have allowed those lines to subtly influence their range of dresses to deliver a multi-functional and multi-generational street/bohemian feel that we’re very much on board with.

If there’s one thing we enjoy more than KowTow’s delightfully balanced and clean designs however, it’s their dedication to ethical fashion, sustainable fabrics and their dedication to circular design.

The responsibility of what Kowtow produce weighs heavily on Kiwi founder, Gosia Piatek, and with an eye on the garment not ending up as waste they design with the entire lifecycle in mind and are working on closing the loop to attain full circularity.

Every Kowtow garment comes with a promise of free repair to extend its life and is supported by a take back program. KowTow manage the end life responsibly to eliminate the number of garments going to landfill. In a world where many things are discarded without thought, mending KowTow clothing is a small act of rebellion.

KowTow also are careful to source local New Zealand mohair, alpaca fleece and wool from farmers who commit to the highest grade of animal welfare, environmental care and social responsibility.

KowTow support fair wages, no child labour, worker's rights, gender equality & grower community and openly embrace a slow production chain.

Their collections take 18 months from design to delivery. This helps ensure worker's rights and environmental protection and the garments are certified by non-profit, internationally recognised organisations.

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