The latest Bert Frank lighting at Trenzseater

A contemporary take with Art Deco inspiration and premium materials

Bert Frank lighting is made in the UK and distributed in New Zealand by Trenzseater.

Trenzseater is the exclusive distributor in New Zealand for Bert Frank, an award-winning British luxury lighting brand founded in 2013 by designer, Robbie Llewellyn and metalwork factory owner, Adam Yeats. Drawing influence from the design codes of the industrial era but with a modern twist, the company has quickly established a presence on the international design scene.


Bert Frank’s award-winning lights are designed and made in the UK. The story began almost a decade ago when Adam Yeats and Robbie Llewellyn founded Bert Frank in 2013. It was a meeting of minds and the start of a collaborative creative partnership with engineering at the core.

Both men share a love of design and deep respect for the heritage of British engineering. Both wanted to create high-end products that would stand the test of time and fly in the face of throwaway consumerism. The partnership has resulted in award-winning lighting and accessories that fuse the integrity of the small-scale workshop with timeless aesthetics reimagined for today.

The two men work closely together from concept to end product. Robbie’s imagination and occasional flights of fancy are informed by Adam’s understanding of engineering principles and fabrication techniques. Equally, Adam's designs are often the starting point for a collection. In that sense Bert Frank is a true creative collaboration. As a result, every designed is honed to perfection, every detail carefully considered.

Now available exclusively through renowned Interior Design retailer and Manufacturer, Trenzseater, the latest Bert Frank product lines are set to add flair and elegance to Kiwi homes and interior spaces.

Trenzseater are offering a large selection of pendant, wall lights, floor and table lamps and all products are a handsome blend of craftsmanship, high quality materials and a modernistic art deco design language.

Pendant Lights - Bert Frank pendants add drama to any room – over dining tables, kitchen islands, stairways, wherever overhead light is needed.

Wall Lights - Wall lights make rooms, nooks and hallways come alive or bring features into focus. The Bert Frank range offers round, oval and rectangular form factors and a delicate diffused light for the ideal ambiance.


Floor and Table Lamps - Floor lamps give depth and style, with the flexibility of movement while the Bert Frank table lamps deliver a distinctive style and a sense of luxury to any surface.

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