Three winter skin essentials from Aesop

With colder weather comes more sensitive skin, these essential treatments help keep irritation, redness and blemishes at bay.

To help combat drying and skin irritation, Aesop have three essential products that your skin will love.

While we may not have the intensity of Summer’s sun to content within Winter, skin remains your protective layer against the elements and it’s equally important to ensure protection and care even during cooler seasons.

With colder weather comes more sensitive skin. The cooler, dry air of a brisk winter day, for some, is as much as catalyst for skin damage as the intense UV of peak summer. Likewise, New Zealand’s fondness of heat pumps also means our homes are hot and dry, which further rob the skin of moisture. Redness, irritation and a raw feeling is usually an unwelcome indicator the natural oils and moisture of your skin have been compromised.

To help combat skin irritation in cold, windy conditions, Aesop have three essential products that your skin will love.

Gentle Facial Cleansing Milk

Soothing, comforting, cleansing. This light and gentle product is ideal for use on sensitive skin in cold winter climates. It’s olive-based surfactant properties help to swiftly lift and eliminate grime, making it an ideal make-up remover.

The inclusion of Sunflower and Mimosa waxes prevent moisture loss as you cleanse, meaning it is ideal for skin that often feels tight post-cleansing.

Suited to the most commonly present skin type - combination skin – this equilibrating facial toner will refresh and balance the skin making it ideal for oily zones without causing dryness. In Two Minds also fights against blemishes while reducing irritation and redness.

You don’t need to apply with a cotton pad, rather splash directly into your palm and press into your freshly-cleansed face and neck for absorption.

In Two Minds Facial Toner


For troubled skin, Control, manages the three traits of blemishes, inflammation, bacteria and redness without stripping or dehydrating the skin. You can pop the clear gel on over or under makeup at any time throughout the day and it works rapidly. A must for those who struggle minimising blemishes caused by Winter’s harshness, it’s even an effective aid against ingrown hairs and can be mixed in with your daily moisturiser.

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