New Zealand’s first DBX rolls off the St Athan production line

Aston Martin celebrated a significant milestone recently, with the first completed example of its forthcoming luxury SUV, the DBX, leaving the production line of its new purpose-built manufacturing facility in Wales.

Global deliveries of the DBX have begun, five years after the idea of a luxury SUV wearing the Aston Martin nameplate was initially discussed. The first New Zealand examples of the DBX are expected to arrive in the months ahead.

Aston Martin’s dedicated facility at St Athan in Wales ensures the DBX is the first model to sport the ‘Made in Wales’ plaque on its engine cover. 

The first Aston Martin to be ‘Made in Wales’ has driven off the production line, just over four years after the decision was taken to establish a brand new manufacturing facility. 
The culmination of an extensive development programme that began with virtual development stretching back to 2015 and physical testing in Wales in 2018, the DBX SUV signals a new era for the British carmaker. 

Aston Martin says the new model line brings with it both the versatility and indulgence expected of a luxury SUV, with sports car levels of dynamic performance set to distinguish the new DBX from rivals in the growing segment of the new-vehicle market. 
With its all-wheel drive system, Aston Martin believes the DBX is a car that will allow it to increase its presence in markets where weather or terrain is less than conducive to a rear-wheel drive sports car blueprint. An emphasis on occupant space within the SUV’s luxurious cabin – for those seated both in the front and the back – will also allow Aston Martin to better reach customers who prefer to be driven rather than drive.  

Despite heralding a new style of vehicle, the manufacturer states that the DBX remains a true Aston Martin; capturing the spirit of the brand as a beautiful hand-built, yet technologically advanced passenger car.  

With around 80% of production expected to be exported and sold in territories outside the United Kingdom, the DBX is an important model for Aston Martin, acting as something of a billboard for its finely honed manufacturing capabilities in front of many drivers who will be new to the brand.

We are incredibly proud of our first SUV, which is as much of an Aston Martin as any one of our sports cars.

— Marek Reichman, Aston Martin Executive Vice President & Chief Creative Officer

From my design team to the engineers, the vehicle dynamics team, and all the experts who hand-craft this beautiful car, the DBX has become the car that will drive Aston Martin into a bold new era.

The first European market deliveries of the DBX to customers are underway and we are counting down to the first car coming to New Zealand.

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