The detail’s in the retail

Mainline Construction helps its retail clients succeed by bringing high-quality design and build work to every job the company is tasked with. Just ask the Giltrap Group.

Feb 1, 2018

The customer experience has become an increasingly complex proposition for retailers in the digital age.

Yet nothing speaks more directly to the shopper than a bricks-and-mortar retail environment. In fact, most believe that, as a formative customer touchpoint with a brand, it is now as critical as ever. 

No-one appreciates this more than the Giltrap Group and retail construction partner, Mainline Construction, which has recently completed retail overhauls for the Giltrap Skoda and all-new SEAT Store dealership locations in Newmarket, Auckland. 

Research suggest that new car buyers visit just 1.4 physical dealerships before purchasing. In other words, as a vehicle retailer you really only have one shot in winning that customer over. Exceeding customer expectations is a massive part of the business. 

Mainline Construction and it’s two directors, Darren Pennington and Nigel Hanleyhelp their retail clients succeed by bringing high-quality design and build work to every job they’re tasked with, whether it’s for automotive retail such as the SEAT and Skoda sites, or the recent Giltrap Porsche showroom refurbishment, or store fitouts for fashion, footwear or the pharmaceutical industries. 

Having begun life in residential builds, Mainline Construction differs from large scale commercial construction operations; in fact, they still build beautiful homes as well. 

Mainline doesn’t pick contractors by price, rather by the level of craftsmanship they can bring to the table. 
“Quality is definitely our thing,” says Nigel Hanley“We’re relationship focussed, so we find the highest-skilled team and use them consistently job after job. That ethos makes projects like the SEAT and Skoda sites run a lot smoother, with a higher quality job delivered at the end of the day. 

Refurbishment of large-scale commercial buildings like these inevitably throw up a few challenges. But, like Nigel, Darren Pennington project manages Mainline’s builds personally, working closely with every contractor from ventilation, to concreting, to sign writing, ensuring everything is consistent with the company’s standard. 

“We have some truly brilliant architects in New Zealand, both in commercial and residential space,” he says. 

“It’s our duty to pick the best mix of materials and the best team to bring these designs to life and ensure they’re accurate to the original vision.” 

Being global brands, the SEAT and Skoda projects started with Mainline working closely with architects Chow:Hill, reviewing respective global corporate identity frameworks to ensure brand consistency, but also adding a localised flair and selection of materials in tune with what Kiwi customers want to see. 
From the polished concrete floors in the service lanes, to premium contemporary customer and staff kitchens and streamlined vehicle showrooms and waiting areas, the results are aesthetically outstanding. 

“People like to see and touch items still,” Nigel concludes. “Retail isn’t going anywhere, because experience remains key.”