Issue 006 - WINTER 2019


Facing some of the most capable premium sportscar competition it its 56-year history, Porsche’s eighth-generation 911 can’t afford to sit still. Steve Vermeulen gets behind the wheel of the latest Carrera 2S and finds it has no intention of...

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Richard Izard Standing

Leading From The Front

A career in law beckoned the young Richard Izard. But he saw opportunity almost everywhere else. And through the years, opportunity has helped shape his love of the Bentley marque.

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Helping keep KartSport on track

A vibrant karting scene in New Zealand has helped foster some of the country’s best on-track talent for many decades. But skills learnt as youngsters in competition are thoroughly translatable into other facets of later life, says KartSport...

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1929 Bentley Blower

The supercharged ‘Blower’ Bentley is synonymous with pre-war racing in all its glory. And all its danger.

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All Black Captain and Prime Minister. Without doubt the two toughest jobs in New Zealand.

Of course, there are plenty of upsides to both positions. But they also share a hefty amount of scrapping in the mud and of being under intense public scrutiny.

In addition to featuring some of the legendary moments and models that have helped shape Bentley through the decades (see p50), we’re also in Spain to experience the brand new Continental GT convertible (p54).

We also meet a passionate Kiwi who has owned no less than 20 Bentleys over the years: Richard Izard. The man behind one of New Zealand’s great manufacturing successes, he shares some of his career adventures including a stint behind the Iron Curtain and his brief time as a factory sponsored racing driver (see p58).