Viva la Levi’s!

Once a year Levi’s celebrates the invention, nearly 150 years ago, of quite possibly the most iconic piece of clothing of all time. And 2020 is no different.

Levi’s original denim jean — the 501 — was first patented on May 20th, 1873. For nearly 150 years this simple design has epitomised classic American fashion spanning across ages, subcultures, and genders.

Every May, Levi’s celebrates ‘501 Day’ with a special edition release. This year Levi’s has partnered with Golf Wang for a special edition jean and Trucker Jacket release, along with an all-new capsule collection. 

How iconic is denim? It could quite possibly the most indelible clothing material of all time. And if that’s the case then the Levi’s original 501 jeanspanning several generationsmust surely be the single most recognisable and timeless piece of clothing of the 20th Century and beyond. 

Released in celebration of Levi’s 501 Day 2020, the new and daring Levi’s x GOLF collection features a colorful take on the classic Levi’s 501 jean and Trucker Jacket.  

Inspired by a rainbow polka-dot jean that was first created for the 2016 GOLF WANG runway show, this new limited edition Levi’s collection includes a 501 ‘93 jean and vintage fit Trucker Jacket in ecru denim, both of which come covered in a rainbow print polka dot pattern.  

Levi’s says the classic combo mixes timeless Levi’s design with the distinct aesthetic of GOLF WANG, incorporating a boxier, higher waist fit on the 501 93’ jeanthe straight leg vintage-inspired silhouette perfectly suiting a baggier style.  

Also featured on both the 501 ’93 and the Trucker Jacket is a special edition co-branded back patch. To reflect the concept of sizing up for a slouchier 501, the 501 ‘93 jean features both Levi’s sizing and GOLF sizing (in blue) on the back patch. These unique identifiers create a custom fit that Levi’s says is a perfect embodiment of their vision for the 501 in 2020. 

But the Levi’s x GOLF collection isn’t the only limited-edition release for ‘501 Day’ 2020. 

A new special edition 501 capsule release celebrates and revives the Levi’s pre-1960s fit process - with new Shrink-To-Fit designs 

The all-over comic print is sourced from a vintage poster found in the Levi’s archive and details the step-by-step process of how to make the Shrink-To-Fit jeans to fit their new owner perfectly, from buying up to two sizes larger to wearing them in the bathtub, and keeping them on to dry.