Allbirds launch Wool Piper carbon neutral footwear

Allbirds' latest sneaker design blends simplicity with versatility and is crafted from natural materials.

Machine washable and designed for mass flexibility, the new Allbirds Wool Piper sneaker is available in classic white, natural black, true black, dapple grey and garden blue colourways.

Created to be ultra-soft for daily wear, the new Allbirds Wool Piper sneaker represents a reimagined classic design, manufactured from natural materials. Allbirds says it is all about balancing simplicity and exaggeration for versatile style.

The Allbirds Wool Piper features ZQ Merino wool in its primary construction, oversized accents and an embroidered collar on a classic low-top silhouette that remains timeless.

But these sneakers are made from materials that are anything but traditional.

In addition to the premium Merino wool body, Allbirds utilises Brazilian sugarcane in constructing the midsole to create a unique material known as SweetFoam. Designed to be contoured and comfy with a satisfying ‘bounce’, SweetFoam is made with the world’s first carbon negative green EVA.

Allbirds’ insole construction, meanwhile, features the use of layered castor bean oil which emits less carbon than petroleum-based foam. Combined with premium ZQ Merino wool, the Wool Piper sneaker is defined by its cushiony feel. It also benefits from material that ‘wicks’ moisture away, reducing the potential for odour.

The Wool Piper is carbon neutral thanks to a combination of sustainable practices, like using natural materials, and carbon credits. But before they balance the emissions, its footprint starts at 7.1kg CO2e.Allbirds suggests you think of this measurement as being like a nutrition label for your closet.

Wool Piper | Natural Black

Wool Piper | Natural Black

Wool Piper | True Black

Wool Piper | True Black

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