Bennett Winch + Crane Brothers

Crane Brothers has recently announced it is now the exclusive New Zealand stockist of premium luggage brand Bennett Winch.

Contemporary British designer Bennett Winch has gained international acclaim for its innovative range of bags and accessories that blend timeless aesthetics and innovative design, with traditional materials and engineering.

At the end of 2017, Bennett Winch launched a unique Suit Carrier Holdall (S.C Holdall for short). Developed over 18 months in collaboration with Permanent Style, the innovative two-piece design is a must-have for the sartorial traveller, combining two products into a single format without compromising the functionality of either. The sharp, understated, look masks a holdall and suit carrier in one, which can be used together or separately.

Designed to accommodate one jacket and one pair of trousers, the suit carrier wraps around the central bag and is secured with innovative magnets and leather straps. As opposed to the traditional suit carrier, the unique engineering and design of the central cylindrical bag means the construct minimises creasing and eliminates the chance of the suit having a hard fold at the base.

As with materials used in the construction of Bennett Winch’s other popular luggage models, such as the Tote Bag and Weekender, the S.C Holdall is made from the brand’s signature bonded waterproof canvas and lightweight 18oz twill, ensuring a solid structure without any added weight.

Bennett Winch’s design philosophy is built around minimalism: the idea of owning fewer objects but of greater quality. Together, the S.C Holdall, Weekender and Tote all speak effortlessly to this notion.

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