Mi Piaci embraces collective sisterhood for Spring Summer 2021

Each capsule from the brand’s forthcoming releases explores what it means to be a women

Regardless of climate, setting or dress code, Mi Piaci has soles for every occasion

Introducing Mi Piaci Spring/Summer 21: a curated and considered collection by New Zealand

women, for all women.

Conceived at the meeting point between individual empowerment and collective strength, Mi Piaci

invites you to embrace individuality while finding solidarity in sisterhood.


Worldwide, feminism and female empowerment is without doubt one of society’s most important pillars and is essential to build communities that enable and respect all genders.

Each capsule from Mi Piaci’s Spring Summer ‘21 collection explores what it means to be a woman. Firstly exploring Feminine Utility and Verdant Spring in August’s eclectic drops. September sees the transition to Retro Redux with clog-inspired ‘90s silhouettes that have been elevated to star status.


October takes a turn to the Seaside Retreat, channelling the brighter times and tropical

destinations ahead with airy, casual design cues.


In November, Soft Contrast challenge’s norms of proportion and volume. Summer welcomes the

party season and these high volume styles are tipped to turn heads. Interrupting the penchant for

pared-back minimalism, the influx of embellishments is at the core of Mi Piaci’s season.

Encouraging maximalism and self-expression, there is mood enhancing power in the final drop’s

bedazzled looks.


Regardless of climate, setting or dress code, Mi Piaci has soles for every occasion and every

woman. SS21 will be on-sale from August 23rd, followed by monthly drops.

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