Caretakers Of Your Dream

Nov 3, 2022

Dreams should be lived. And some should be driven. That’s the ethos behind Porsche’s new campaign that celebrates the passionate caretakers of your dream at Porsche service departments around the Asia Pacific region. Giltrap Porsche are proud two of their expert service team were selected to help bring the campaign to life.

As much as the Porsche brand and products are aspirational to drivers and enthusiasts the world over, so too for those who work in the automotive service industry. For Porsche caretakers like Giltrap Porsche’s Service Consultant, Anenicke Meyer and Workshop Manager, Paulino Saavedra Jnr, there’s a great sense of pride in working at Porsche and with some of the most desirable cars on the road.

Anenicke Meyer:

Anenicke forged her love for cars from a very young age. Her Father is an automotive foreman, also within the Giltrap Group, and she’s loved being around cars her whole life. Her journey started out grooming vehicles and preparing them for customers, before moving into her Service Consultant Role.

“The most enjoyable part of my role is working with the great people I get to meet and work with every day. I love talking with our customers, identifying what their car needs and being the conduit between them and our technical team.”

“Porsche customers are really passionate about their car, and I love making sure I’m providing the best outcomes form them and their car. That could be explaining the technical process of the work we’re carrying out, or just assisting with logistics by providing a loan vehicle. Knowing the customer happy and safe, that is a really rewarding feeling.”

Paulino Saavedra Jnr:

Paulino has two decades of Porsche technical experience, previously working at Porsche Monterey in central California. The brand has opened doors around the world, including here in New Zealand and his passion for Porsche is writ large.

“I love the fact that with Porsche you have to have a broad knowledge base. We still regularly see classic Porsches in the workshop so you need to understand old and new technology. You need to treat the older cars with just as much respect, as they are often very valuable. I’m really proud to say I’ve worked on everything from a 356 to the pinnacle in technology with the 918 Spyder and everything in between.”

“The technical diversity and the build quality through the generations really keeps you enthusiastic for the brand, but I also love to share my knowledge and help younger technicians identify their strengths an enjoy their job. Porsche has enabled me to experience different countries and their cultures and meet new technicians and I’m very grateful for those opportunities”