Camilla And Marc SS22

Can we still connect to that powerful inner state when the clothes are stripped away?. Can the art of dress become a powerful precursor to discovering a harmonious inner world that we could then use to define, explore and shape our own identity? These are the questions Camilla and Marc’s Identity collection hopes to answer.

Expect to see silhouettes that span a considered array of core tailoring, classic trench coats, crisp yet relaxed shirting, natural textured knits, and soft moments of femininity.

Camilla and Marc’s new ‘Identity’ collection is one of considered aesthetic choices, an intentional representation of a modern wardrobe, an ode to the art of dressing well, and an invitation to deeply consider the concept of who we are when the material world is all but stripped away.

Born from the concept of a society of tastemakers, ambience makers and leaders that transcend

the force of the world through a sense of freedom and joy through dress, the collection encourages us to re-examine the concept of our own identity, free of the physical form.

“The intersection between dress and it’s connection to feeling has long fascinated me. The inspiration of this collection was about exploring what happens to that feeling of joy, confidence

and sense of self when you remove the material from the equation.” Says Creative Director, Camilla Freeman-Topper.

It is this renewed notion of identity that we honour through the S/S22 collection. The joy of knowing that who we are on the inside, is forever free. The collection then celebrates this idea of ease and harmony through a refined level of taste, sophistication and elegance, emanating relaxed demeanours while honouring timeless traditions and simplicity. The art of dressing and the feeling it evokes becomes the essence of the collection and finds authenticity and balance in fresh colour palettes and tailored silhouettes.

Elongated, relaxed and effervescent, Identity is an enduring offering of the fundamentals of a modern wardrobe. Silhouettes that span a considered array of core tailoring, classic trench coats, crisp yet relaxed shirting, natural textured knits, and soft moments of femininity. The ease and adaptability of the collection is represented by garments crafted with natural fabrications such as mohair, wool, and organic cotton, that is then anchored in masculine silhouettes. Femininity and masculinity co-exist with progressive authenticity.

A tonal palette of beige, white and crème, is brought to life with warm hints of honeycomb and chocolate, juxtaposed by seafoam blue to allow for expression and eccentricity.

Identity is Camilla and Marc’s most sustainably made collection to date, featuring responsibly sourced details and materials. Key garments across the collection are comprised of organic cotton (which requires less water and none of the pesticides found in conventional cotton), Nycose sustainable viscose nylon), hemp & organic cotton blends, natural corozo buttons, and recycled draw chords and toggles across their Sport collection.

Camilla and Marc Identity is a celebration of who we truly are, whilst honouring quality, history, and the legacy of the brand, a timeless ease passed down from generation to generation.

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