Deadly Ponies Autumn Winter 2022 - Part III

The beloved Deadly Ponies stable has just released its third instalment of their Autumn / Winter 2022 collection.

Highlights include a stylish new season Basil hue, Python-embossed Capra leather and gorgeous gradients.

Deadly Ponies AW’22 collection takes inspiration from Antarctic exploration, following the journey of historical Australian photographer, Frank Hurley, his pup Blizzard, and his polar voyages undertaken in the early 20th Century.

As the brand’s playful Antarctic exploration draws to an end, crisp and subdued hues cascade like refractive sunlight across the glacial expanse.

This is especially true of the new Ombre Sunflower colour that brings to life the inspiration with a striking yet versatile use of warmth and colour.

Deadly Ponies expedition explores new season soft Basil which continues an unexpected warmth in the days of deepest snow.

Silhouettes of curves and angles, folds and structure, are given new edge as they venture forward in a coveted, hand painted python texture.

Icy Steel embodies the shadows, Hurley captured on his expedition, finding shape in new pieces for the coldest season… and beyond.

The sun sets on Deadly Ponies theme that has inspired their line this season, but thankfully there remains so much to explore. You can start by visiting and beginning your own Autumn / Winter expedition.