Paco Rabanne introduces Olympéa Solar

Olympéa 2022 is coming. Rebooted and reprogrammed, a fragrance radically rewritten for the next decade and kicks off with Olympéa Solar.

“By pushing the experiences to the limits, we can change mindsets”. Paco Rabanne  

Back in 2015, Paco Rabanne proudly presented its new fragrance, Olympéa. She embodied Rabanne’s conception of a contemporary femininity, intertwined with the myth of sports.  


Time has flown, says the brand. Time has changed us. And always paving the way, Paco Rabanne turns to the legendary scent once more, continuing to evolve, to grow, and to learn.


The new range of Olympéa starts with Olympéa Solar and questions what Olympéa stands for in the midst of a social and generational revolution. Recontextualizing the ideal of woman, while anchoring it in a distinctly urban environment.   

Olympéa Solar tells the story of the most radiant fragrance in the Paco Rabanne universe, imagined for the ultimate, luminous beauties out there. Certainly, fit for a goddess and enchanting on all who wear it.  

 Solar stands for fierceness, independence, confidence. But more importantly, it’s a symbol of higher power, of multi-faceted energy, of the warmth and strength shared by womanhood. Always. And today.    

Obsessed by the concepts of power and beauty, the mythical Olympéa fragrance is reimagined for a new generation. Reworked for right now.   


But the continual theme remains: sports. Forever embodying Olympéa. Audacity, confidence, attitude; values that moved Paco Rabanne then, and that sportswomen look to today.  


Boundaries are pushed, statements are made. The scent must continue to embody all Paco Rabanne stands for, but it must do so meshing with today’s desire: to be contemporary, inclusive, and even closer to people’s hearts. It must represent the most renegade spirits and thus express all of Rabanne’s most colourful facets.   

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