Inspired by waves and sound, Aēsop releases celebrated Gift Kits for summer

Five separate Gift Kits are available for the 2023-24 summer season, each featuring cleansers, body balms, scrubs and an assortment of the Australian skincare maker's most exquisite products.

Nov 21, 2023

Collectively titled ‘Resonant Gestures’, and each named after one of five qualities that give music its magnetism, Aesop says its quintet of 2023-24 Gift Kits act as a thoughtfully orchestrated ode to the power of song.

From the very beginning, music has played a key role in the Aesop experience. A long-standing axiom of the brand is that stores are best discovered via scent or sound rather than garish signage. Today, playlists, mixtapes and a storytelling podcast, Future Fables, form an ongoing series of sonic experiments entitled Radiomatique.

Building on this legacy, the contents of each kit are accompanied by a specially composed piece by Kiala Ogawa. Based in Paris, Ogawa is influenced by the music of her childhood, mixing soulful jazz with afrobeat and Japanese funk to create soothing and intriguing soundscapes. The tracks will be available at, via Spotify or Apple Music.

The concept is further amplified in stores through a series of installations created entirely from the kits’ packaging, which each carry a soundscape pattern printed directly onto the recycled-paper boxes. Aesop says that together, the kits urge the eyes to dance across store windows, as the faint sound of a carefully calibrated playlist emanates from within.

For those wishing to improvise a selection of gifts tailored to the recipient, expert consultants are on-hand to provide insightful guidance on formulations for the skin, hair, body and home. A limited-release gift box is available for such occasions, helping to underscore these gestures of thoughtfulness. For gift inspiration online, the Gift Finder offers personalised recommendations based on replies to just a few questions.