Mad Mike Huracan Rear

Lamborghini partners with Mad Mike

Internationally renowned drift racer, ‘Mad’ Mike Whiddett, recently appointed global Lamborghini ambassador has taken a modified Huracán to this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed.

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Blue Sky Thinking

Think you already have a pretty accurate handle on what to expect from a big Bentley GT convertible? Steve Vermeulen did too. And then he drove it.

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Facing some of the most capable premium sportscar competition it its 56-year history, Porsche’s eighth-generation 911 can’t afford to sit still. Steve Vermeulen gets behind the wheel of the latest Carrera 2S and finds it has no intention of...

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Hot New Thing

Hong Kong boasts 7.4 million people and two motorsport circuits. One is for radio control cars, the other exists for just 1 weekend a year. Steve Vermeulen joins Panasonic Jaguar Racing to understand how Formula E is helping change the face...

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Helping keep KartSport on track

A vibrant karting scene in New Zealand has helped foster some of the country’s best on-track talent for many decades. But skills learnt as youngsters in competition are thoroughly translatable into other facets of later life, says KartSport...

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